The Meta-TAs (MTAs) coordinate the UTA Program. They work closely with head TAs, faculty, technical staff (tstaff), administrative staff (astaff), and undergraduate staff (ustaff). The current MTAs are Christina Stepin, Tyler Gurth, Allie Masthay, Liz Jones, Jiahua Chen, Nishka Pant, and Benjamin Schornstein.

The MTAs report to Tom Doeppner (the director of undergraduate studies) and coordinate the UTA Program's logistical and administrative details. Additionally, the MTAs help to interface between the undergraduate community and the rest of the technical staff

Beyond providing administrative and technical support, the MTAs help faculty and HTAs respond to day-to-day issues. Also, the MTAs advocate for the TAs with the administration and promote a positive work environment. With that being said, the MTAs are/were TAs too, so please reach out to them at mta at cs dot brown dot edu if you have any thoughts on improving the UTA program!  

What follows is a task list that is continually updated in response to new thoughts from the MTAs and their managers as well as suggestions from TAs, students, and faculty. 



Documentation and Support




Hiring Process Tasks

New Hires Tasks

TA Camp Tasks

Ongoing Tasks

Training Responsibilities

Prospective and New Student Events


MTA Hiring

The MTAs are hired during the first few weeks of the Fall semester, train with the previous MTAs through the Spring semester, and take over for the following school year. The term lasts until graduation and includes all interactions, from hiring through final exams, with the Fall and Spring course staffs. The MTAs are hired by the director of undergraduate studies.