Laura E Dobler

Financial and Outreach Coordinator

Office:CIT 460
Email: laura_dobler@@@brown.edu

Assisting: Kathi Fisler, Tim Kraska

Greetings CS Department!

While my official title is the Financial and Outreach Coordinator, this title doesn't really do my work justice or even fully explain what I do around here :)

In addition to faculty support and financial work, I am dedicated member and heavily involved in the CS Department Diveristy Committee. I meet with our undergraduate student advocates each week, and provide logistical and administrative support for our diversity commitee and our diversity student groups, WiCS and Mosaic+. I also meet with our graduate student and faculty committee members every month, and help keep us on track with the many ideas and initiatives we've begun to implement. I hold office hours every week that welcomes any member of the CS community to talk about any questions, concerns, ideas or anything on their mind, related to diversity, inclusion and feelings of belongingness in the department. So please, come by and say hi!

You can learn more about the CS Department's Diversity Initiatives at: https://cs.brown.edu/about/diversity/ 

My office is Room 460

My office hours for Spring 2017 are TBD

My phone number is 401-863-7611