Amy R Greenwald

Professor of Computer Science

Office:CIT 383
Email: amy@@@cs.brown.edu
Assistant: Lori Agresti

Research Areas: Artificial Intelligence, Multi-Agent Systems, Reinforcement Learning, Algorithmic Game Theory

Fall 2024
(not teaching)
Spring 2025
CSCI1440  Algorithmic Game Theory
CSCI2440   Advanced Algorithmic Game Theory

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In our increasingly networked world, fewer and fewer decisions can be made in isolation. Consequently, AI agents "artificially intelligent, programmed decision-makers" must cooperate, compete, and trade with other agents, both human and artificial. This trend drives Amy Greenwald's twin research goals: first, the effort to design and implement AI agents that interact effectively in multiagent environments; second, the effort to understand, explain, and accurately predict the dynamics of such interactions. In pursuing these goals, Prof. Greenwald draws from theoretical and practical sources, including a variety of disciplines such as AI, decision theory, game theory, and economics.