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Krishnamurthi And van Dam Win SIGSOFT And SIGGRAPH Educator Awards


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Within the span of a single year, Brown CS faculty members have won two of the field's highest distinctions for teaching: Professor Shriram Krishnamurthi received the SIGSOFT Influential Educator Award and Professor Andy van Dam earned the inaugural ACM SIGGRAPH Distinguished Educator Award. ("We're teaching twins," commented Andy when the two gathered for the photo above.) The honors are international recognition of continued strength in education for the Department of Computer Science, and they follow recent awards for three faculty members and two PhD students that highlight campus-wide recognition of Brown CS teaching excellence.

Presented annually, the SIGSOFT Influential Educator Award is given to an educator or educators who have made significant contributions to, and impact on, the field of software engineering through accomplishments as teachers, mentors, researchers (in education or learning), authors, and/or policy makers. In particular, the award committee noted Shriram's contributions to the advancement of the research and practice of software engineering. With this win, he joins Brown alum Barbara Ryder and the late David Notkin, a Brown CS alum, who won the prestigious award in 2015 and 2012, respectively. Both studied under Andy and David was one of van Dam's Head TAs.

Established less than a year ago, the SIGGRAPH Distinguished Educator Award is given annually to a member for outstanding pedagogical contributions to computer graphics and interactive techniques at any educational level or within the context of any discipline. It recognizes contributions in both innovative content and delivery. Nominated by the SIGGRAPH community, Andy was chosen based on award criteria that include impact on research and practice of education as it relates to computer graphics and interactive techniques, cumulative contributions to the field both directly and through leadership of others, and innovation in education.

The full list of SIGSOFT Influential Educator Award winners dating back to 2009 is available here.

Additional details about the ACM SIGGRAPH Distinguished Educator Award are available here.

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