2015 Symposium

Title and Author:

Take the First Right and Go Straight Forever: Novel Planning Algorithms for Markov Decision Processes with Infinite Domains - Judah Schvimer

Teach With Glass: Improving the Teaching Experience through Google Glass - David Correa Orozco

Avoiding Parameter Overfitting in a Monte-Carlo approach to Real-Time Strategy Games - Jeffrey Lu

The Web Is Flat: Novelty Bias and the Inflation of Uncommon Experiences Online - Danae Metaxa-Kakavouli

Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Prenatal Diagnosis of Craniosynostosis Using Shape Analysis - Jie Ying Wu

End user programming in Intelligent Home Automation Systems - Melwyn Pak,Nick Lesniewski, Jared Stern

A Mathematically Rigorous Algorithm for Long-Range Haplotype Phasing - Samuel Angelo Crisanto

Leveraging and Learning Propositional Functions in Large State Spaces - D Ellis Hershkowitz

Text-Based Inference - India Prentice, Eli Rosenthal

Combining Computation and Clinician-Generated Sleep Recommendations - Danae Metaxa-Kakavouli

Measuring the Importance of Context in Object Detection - Sonia Phene

Plyn: A System for Understanding Interaction - David Lee

Reenix: Implementing a unix-like operating system in Rust - Alex Light

An Exploration of Different Techniques to Parallelize Deep Learning Algorithms - John Ribbans

Inifiniband - Mani Askari, Hyun-sik Kim

Reconstructing Clonal Trees From Multi-Sample Sequencing Data - Hannah Acheson-Field

Predicting and Measuring User Engagement in Fantasy Football - Luke Camery

Multi Data Center Replication Protocol - Chau Tran

Touch Art Gallery: Learning web app development and user experience through hands on creation in Brown's Graphics Lab - Ria Mirchandani,Jessica Fu

Incrementally Interpreting Multimodal Referring Expressions in Real Time - Miles Eldon