CS Home Edition: How to Download and Install

Before You Start

During the install, you will be asked a few questions.  Here's what you need to know:

Step 1: Download

Download the current CS ISO image

Step 2: Initial Setup

Please follow the instructions below for the type of virtual machine or hardware on which you intend to run CS Home Edition.

Step 3: CS Home Edition Installation

The Home Edition installer skips many of the questions normally asked during a Linux installation, but there are a few:

  1. Select Graphical install
  2. Select Yes on the Partition disks step, when it asks "Write the changes to disks?"
  3. The base system install takes several minutes...
    • If installing on hardware (not a virtual machine), remove the USB drive before the next reboot
  4. Select the system disk on the Install the GRUB boot loader on a hard disk step
  5. The system reboots and kicks off the CS system update.  This can take up to an hour or more...
  6. When that is finished, the system reboots again.

Step 4: Final System Boot

At this point, the system is fully installed.  As it boots for the second (and last) time, a web browser will appear displaying Brown's login page.  Enter your Brown credentials as you normally would.  The home edition installer will then create your local account, an ssh keypair, and upload your public key to the CS department servers.  There will be no local root account, but you can use sudo.

When the login screen appears, the system is ready for use.