VMWare Fusion

Download and install VirtualBox

  1. Visit the VMWare Fusion website and follow the instructions there.

Create a new virtual machine

  1. Start VMWare Fusion
  2. Click New
  3. Name and operating system
    1. Drag and drop the cshe-stable.iso or double click "Install from disc or image" and navigate to the cshe-stable.iso image, and select it.
    2. Select Type Linux
    3. Select Version Debian (64-bit)
    4. Select Customize Settings.
    5. Give your VM a name you will remember
  4. Processors & Memory: select at least 2048 MB (default)
  5. Hard Disk: select at least 32 GB, we recommend 64 GB and apply.

Start CS Home Edition Installer

  1. Click the Start arrow to boot.