Home Edition Overview

Welcome! CS Home Edition attempts to give you a local working environment as close as possible to that provided by the department workstations.

For a broad overview of CS department systems, refer to the CS systems and software page.

Remote filesystem access: sshfs

Remote filesystem access has been preconfigured for you. To mount the CS department filesystem over sshfs, open a terminal and run "mount /cs/home/jcarberr" where you replace jcarberr with your Brown username. When prompted, enter the ssh passphrase that you specified during account setup. Your home directory will be accessible at that directory path.

Note that sshfs requires an active Internet connection - unlike Dropbox, it won't work offline. If you need to work offline, save your work in your local home directory and copy it to your remote home directory whenever you have Internet access.

Customizing the VM

Your account has local sudo access, so you can customize this instance of Debian directly if you wish. Additionally, like the CS department workstations, this host is managed by a homegrown configuration tool called Tweak, which selects software and adds or modifies files according to predefined Tweak "classes". You can add this host to other Tweak classes by editing the /etc/tweak_classes file (you will need to do this via sudo). Note that adding more classes will usually result in greater disk usage.