Thomas W Doeppner

Associate Professor of Computer Science (Research), Vice Chair of Computer Science

Office:CIT 405
Email: twd@@@cs.brown.edu

Research Areas: Computer Systems

Fall 2024
CSCI0330  Introduction to Computer Systems
CSCI1330  Computer Systems (Master's students only)
Spring 2025
CSCI0081  TA Apprenticeship: Full Credit
CSCI0082  TA Apprenticeship: Half Credit
CSCI1670  Operating Systems
CSCI1690  Operating Systems Laboratory
CSCI2670  Operating Systems

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Thomas Doeppner is interested in operating systems and everything related to them. He wrote one of the first threads packages for Unix and has dabbled in threads and concurrency ever since. With the help of a number of top undergraduate students, he worked on tools for measuring and analyzing performance of concurrent programs, particularly on shared-memory multiprocessors. He also designed and implemented an object-oriented threads package for C++, using ideas borrowed from Sun's Spring operating system.

More recently, he worked with wireless devices and mobile computers, building an infrastructure for sharing information in settings such as lectures, seminars, and face-to-face meetings. He is currently interested in the area of operating system support for security. He is investigating means for running arbitrary programs without fear of the consequences. In the distant past he did work in proving the correct of parallel programs and published papers in STOC, POPL, and PODC.