Maurice P Herlihy

An Wang Professor of Computer Science

Office:CIT 341
Email: mph@@@cs.brown.edu

Research Areas: Distributed Systems

Fall 2024
CSCI1760  Multiprocessor Synchronization
Spring 2025
CSCI1951-L  Blockchains & Cryptocurrencies

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Tell us a little about your background: educational, professional, personal, etc.

I have an A.B. from Harvard in Math, and a Ph.D. from MIT in CS. I have worked, in one role or another, in four research labs: Xerox PARC, DEC CRL, Microsoft Cambridge (UK), and Sun Labs New England. I have taught at CMU and Brown.

What do you focus on in your research? Any recent advances?

The shift to multicore architectures changes everything. Multiprocessors and concurrency, once an exotic subculture, has become mainstream.

What do you like teaching classes about?

Things that excite me.

How did you become interested in computer science?

When I graduated, I knew nothing about CS, but I needed a job. I was hired to write FORTRAN programs for minimum wage, and one thing led to another.

What is your favorite thing about Brown?

The enthusiasm of the students.

Any hobbies or passions?

Tango, birding.