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Brown CS Announces The Winners Of The 4th Annual Undergraduate CS Research Symposium


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    As the academic year drew to a close, Brown University's Department of Computer Science (Brown CS) held its fourth Undergraduate Computer Science Research Symposium, organized by Professors Jeff Huang and Stefanie Tellex and undergraduate students Marshall Lerner, Jina Yoon, and Alan Yu. The annual event features presentations of student research with the goal of showcasing cutting-edge work and encouraging other undergraduates to undertake research projects of their own.

    Out of more than two dozen participants, the winners were:

    • Overall #1: Eric Rosen ("Virtual Reality Teleportation Task Feasibility")
    • Overall #2: Aaron Gokaslan ("Improving Shape Deformation in Unsupervised Image-to-Image Translation")
    • Overall #3: Jina Yoon ("SleepCoacher 2.0: A Personalized Automated Self-Experimentation System for Sleep Recommendations")
    • People’s choice #1: Sam Title ("An Optical MIDI Interpreter for Acoustic Guitar")
    • People’s choice #2: Matt Cooper ("STOP (Stackelberg Trained Optimal Policies) Car Bullying")

    A total of two thousand dollars in prizes was generously donated by sponsors Amazon Robotics and Bulger Partners.

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