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Five students received their PhDs at Brown's May 2000 graduation, and a sixth has finished her PhD since then. Congratulations, all!

Costas Busch, "A Study on Distributed Structures" (advisor: Maurice Herlihy). Costas is now an assistant professor at RPI.

Jose G. Castanos, "Parallel Adaptive Unstructured Computation" (advisor: John Savage). Jose is now ...

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We are delighted to announce that InterTrust Technologies is our newest Industrial Partner; we now have 10 Partner companies. By a happy coincidence, Joe Marconis, who previously worked for EMC and was largely responsible for their joining the IPP fold, recently began working for InterTrust and was responsible for InterTrust's becoming a Partner. Joe ...

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2000-0905.Falcon.pngHe's actually 15" long with a 40" wingspan

Over the summer it has been our great privilege to witness the comings and goings of a rare peregrine falcon. He favors the top left `shelf' of the Sciences Library, whence he regally surveys the campus looking for food. Sometimes he has his back to us and ...

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2000-0901.web.pngThe old department home page.

The Computer Science Department web site received a long-awaited facelift today. The redesign features a cleaner look, improved structure and navigation, and greater consistency. The Department's web site comprises 26,852 pages and occupies 7.7GB of disk space. Of this, 600 pages (just 2 percent), received the new ...

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As you read our departmental newsletter conduit!, do you find yourself eagerly looking forward to Eugene Charniak's entertaining column 'Charniak Unplugged' at the end of the publication? Do we have news for you! Soon, discerning enthusiasts can cut to the chase and enjoy a compilation of Eugene's droll insights into life in the ...

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2000-0417.tetris.pngA Game In Progress

Brown students today transformed the University's Sciences Library into the world's largest tetris game. Using christmas lights, homemade circuit boards and a pc running linux, students of "tech house" ( lit up the library's south face with a computer-controlled display of the venerable tetris ...

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The Brown Computer Science Department today introduced department news to its website. Beginning today, web visitors will be able to catch up on the latest news of the computer science department by visiting the department's home page.

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