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InterTrust Technologies is New Industrial Partner

    We are delighted to announce that InterTrust Technologies is our newest Industrial Partner; we now have 10 Partner companies. By a happy coincidence, Joe Marconis, who previously worked for EMC and was largely responsible for their joining the IPP fold, recently began working for InterTrust and was responsible for InterTrust's becoming a Partner. Joe is an avid IPP disciple, and we are grateful for his enthusiastic support.

    Based in Santa Clara, California, InterTrust is involved with digital rights management technology for the Internet. Their MetaTrust Utility provides a unique approach to commercializing DRM technology. They have recently opened a new office in Billerica, which will grow to about 20 people. This team is architecting, designing and evaluating advanced hardware security features for next-generation microprocessors, focusing on the low-level hardware/software interface.

    Last week, Joe Marconis, Sr. Director, East Coast Engineering; and Olin Sibert, VP Strategic Technologies spent the day here visiting faculty. It was a very enjoyable day and we look forward to Olin's participating as a speaker at the November symposium and also of his giving an IPP Seminar in the near future.