Graduate Student Jobs and Assignments

(As of Fall 2021)
Fac-Grad Liaison(s) (FGL)
Thao Nguyen
Aaron Traylor
Fac-Grad-Masters Liaison (FGML)
Ishan Sharma
Sheridan Center Liaison
Talie Massachi
GSC Reps
Vipul Gupta
Ghulam Murtaza
Aparna Natarajan
Albert Webson
Mentorship Program Czars
Marilyn George
Yanqi (Jasmine) Liu
Mental Health & Well-Being Czar
Max Merlin
Facilities Czar
Connor Luckett
Faculty Search Czars (3 Recommended)
Ifrah Idrees
Charles Lovering
Recruitment Czars (3 Recommended)
Catherine Chen
Aditya Ganeshan
Orientation Czars (3 Recommended)
Ayush Bhardwaj
Ghulam Murtaza
Sam Thomas
Sports Czar
Sam Lobel
PhD Lounge Czar
William Rudman
Social Czar(s)
Ayush Bhardwaj
TGIF Czars
Position available
Tea Czar(s)
Position available
REST Czars (Recommended)
Position available
Info Khan
Matt Corsaro
Interview Room Khan
Position available
Rubber Chicken Khan
Position Available
Fridge Demon
Ergo Merc
Ben Abbatematteo
High Performance Computing Merc
Cam Allen
Video Merc
Ani Kristo
If you are interested in any of these positions, please contact the Fac-Grad Liaison(s) listed at the top.