Grad Student Nest Egg

Brown CS grad students have a small amount of money that can used for graduate student activities. Note that this money is separate from the funds used for department-wide social activities such as the Halloween party. If you have an idea for how this nest egg can be spent, you must propose a use to the FGL and, if accepted, collect votes to pass it. A proposal must include:

Once a proposal is accepted, it'll be posted online, announced to the graduate students, and is then able to be voted upon for a period of ten business days. It's the proposer's responsibility to collect votes both for and against the proposal (this is your opportunity to convince people to vote for it). All currently-enrolled graduate students must vote either FOR the proposal, AGAINST the proposal, or ABSTAIN from voting. To pass, 50%+1 of all non-abstentions must be FOR the proposal.

Current Proposals

There are no proposals at this time.

Passed Proposals

Panini Maker (C. Chris Erway & Jennie Rogers).

Contact: The FGL(s)