CS Department audio/visual systems and how to use them

The CS Department, along with the CIT, has Presentation Rooms available for presentations related to CS Department research or teaching. Go to: Rooms to reserve room time for presentations. Many rooms are equipped with Zoom.

Room 368 Audio-Visual equipment

The Audio/Visual equipment for Room 368 is entirely different from that in the Presentation rooms. Please see that page for instructions on how to use the AV equipment in Room 368.

The available A/V capabilities include:

Using Presentation Room Audio/Visual systems

To use the A/V systems in the Presentation Rooms, you will need to:

  1. Use the remote to turn on the projector.
  2. Use the remote to select either Apple TV or HDMI on the A/V amplifier.
  3. If you will be presenting using HDMI, you will need to use the cables provided to connect your laptop to the A/V amplifier.

The red light on the projector will already be lit; this indicates that the projector's bulb is working.

To turn on the projector, point the remote at it and press the No. 1 button, "Projector On/Off." You will need to wait until you will hear a click and see a green light on the projector, indicating that it is powered on.

Important Note about the Projector:

You cannot turn the projector on and off quickly. If you want to pause a slide or video presentation, hit "Pause" on your laptop, or blank the screen.

If you turn the projector off before you are finished using it, you must wait at least 90 seconds for it to finish its shutdown cycle before you can power it on again.

If you want to select Apple TV, point the remote at the box in the corner with the A/V amplifier and press the No. 2 button, "Apple TV."

Apple TV is wireless. If you make your presentation with Apple TV, on the projection screen you will see "CS (Room Number) device, and on your laptop you will be prompted for a four-digit code. Entering the code will ensure that your wireless session will be secure, and that nobody outside the Presentation Room will be able to capture it.

If you want to select HDMI, point the remote at the box in the corner with the A/V amplifier and press the No. 5 button, "HDMI cable."

  1. Using the remote to turn on the projector

  2. Using the remote to select either Apple TV or HDMI

  3. You will need to connect the cables and adapters attached to the A/V amplifier to the appropriate ports on your laptop.

They are:

Make your slide or video presentation from your laptop.

Note on using the remote for volume control If you need to use the remote to change the volume during the presentation, you will need to press either button repeatedly to change the volume, rather than just hold it down.

Please be sure to turn off the A/V equipment when you are finished

It is important that any A/V equipment not in use be turned off.

In A/V equipment that uses bulbs as a light source, leaving the equipment on will lead to earlier bulb burnout and the need to wait for the bulb to be replaced, or even specially-ordered.

If any cables have been connected to your laptop, remove them and place the HDMI cable and its adapters on the amplifier box.

Point the remote at the projector and press button No. 1. You will see the green light go off, indicating that the projector is powered off and is cooling down. The red light on the projector will stay lit.