Room 368 AV

Using Room 368 A/V equipment

In addition to a projector and A/V amplifier, Room 368 has camera equipment that makes it possible to record or stream a lecture given in that room.

As you enter Room 368 from the door nearest the central stairwell, directly to your left on the wall you will see the control panel for all the equipment in the room.

To the right of the door you will see a large equipment rack for equipment and the amplifier. The mics are stored in a locked box on top of the rack; only faculty members have the combination that will open this box.

Tap the control panel, and you will see the Brown logo.

Tap again anywhere on the panel and you will see the opening screen.

The top left section of the opening screen has the SOURCE controls.

The possible sources you can select from are:

On the right, you can select from:

The connections for laptops are the same as those for connections in the other presentation rooms: HDMI, VGA, audio. mini display port (for Macs). If the presenter is using a laptop, make sure that all needed cable connections have been made on it.

Select a sources from those available, then assign that source to a display destination.

After you have selected a source, in the upper right-hand corner of the opening screen, push DISPLAY CONTROL, where you can power on the display equipment you want to use.

In Display Control, you can power on:

You can send any source to any display, or more than one source to more than one display. For example, if the audience is large enough that overflow audience is viewing the presentation from the Atrium, you can display the presenter on one screen, and the slides from the presenter's laptop on another screen.

Please note: It will take a few minutes for the monitors or the projectors to warm up.

Once you have chosen your source(s) and your display(s), select Audio Mixer, which controls the audio volume for the sources and displays. These audio controls can be used if you want to record or stream the presentation.

"Program Audio" can come from:

Please Note: Program audio will come from whichever source was the LAST to be assigned. For example, if you assign "Airplay" to the left monitor, and then "Laptop" to the right monitor, the program audio will be whatever audio is being sent from the laptop.

Other audio sources controlled here are:

The Volume Control controls the speakers in the room, and speakers out in the 3rd floor Atrium. Please Note: In most cases, it is best to MUTE the classroom speakers, to prevent unpleasant audio feedback through the system, particularly if you are recording the presentation. (If a speaker is so soft-spoken that it is hard to hear them inside the room, room speakers can be used.)

Room camera control can be used to direct the room camera.


This control will turn off all the monitors, retract the screen if it has been lowered, and turn off all the equipment.

Turning off the equipment when you are finished is important for the long-term life of the equipment.