Connor Gramazio, Ph.D. Candidate ; Visualizing the Quantified Self

IPP Symposium
John Meehan
May 7, 2014, 8:54 p.m.

Through phone applications, wearable sensors, and other technology, there is a growing community of self-trackers that has the ability to log and analyze information as diverse as location to mood to patterns in e-mail usage – all in an effort to reflect on and improve their own lives. In this talk I will demonstrate how we use visualization as part of a bigger effort to improve the analysis process of self-trackers who create their own analysis pipelines from scratch. We hope to use VACUMs – visualizations, analyses, converters, utilities, and models – along with a common set of schemas to establish an open platform that enables self-trackers to use third-party analysis solutions on their own data. By providing common schemas and example analysis modules we hope to create an environment where self-trackers can more easily share analysis strategies and lower the cost of entry into the self-tracking movement.

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