Brown CS 2021 Graduates

As the tide of the pandemic begins to turn, it's no understatement to say that the last year has proved more difficult than many of us ever predicted. But our community continued to work together, making it a priority to help each other, and we made it through to this moment despite personal trials for all of us.  Brown CS is sending this cohort out into a more challenging world than in years past, but one in which we have renewed faith in the ability of the individual to make a profound societal impact.

It gives us a lot of happiness to share the following celebrations of our 2021 graduates. We're immensely proud of their contributions to the Brown CS community.  

Best wishes always from Amy, Andy, Anna, Barbara, Chen, Daniel, David, Doug, Eli, Ellie, Eugene, George, Iris, James, Jeff, John, Kathi, Malte, Maurice, Michael, Milda, Philip, Ritambhara, Rob, Roberto, Rodrigo, Seny, Shriram, Sorin, Spike, Srinath, Stan, Stefanie, Stephen, Steven, Theo, Tim, Tom, Ugur, and Vasilis.