Brown CS 2020 Graduates

The arrival of a pandemic made Spring, 2020 a difficult semester for all of us. While we were separated from each other and away from our home in the CIT, in many ways we were more with and for each other than ever before. It's been remarkable to see how everyone – students, staff, and faculty – continued to work together, making it a priority to help each other during trying times, despite challenges in our personal lives.  

It gives us a lot of happiness to share the following celebrations of our 2020 graduates. We've never been prouder to be part of the Brown CS community.  

Best wishes always from Amy, Andy, Anna, Barbara, Daniel, David, Doug, Eli, Ellie, Eugene, George, Iris, James, Jeff, John, Kathi, Malte, Maurice, Michael, Paul, Philip, Ritambhara, Roberto, Rodrigo, Seny, Shriram, Sorin, Spike, Stan, Stefanie, Stephen, Steven, Theo, Tim, Tom, Ugur, and Vasilis.