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Daniel Ritchie Receives A Named Professorship


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    Brown CS is pleased to announce that following the May, 2021 meeting of the Corporation of Brown University, Daniel Ritchie has been appointed the Eliot Horowitz Assistant Professor of Computer Science, effective as of July 1, 2021.

    “This came as quite a pleasant surprise!” says Daniel. “I'm honored to have been chosen as the first holder of this named chair. Ever since I arrived at Brown four years ago, every experience I've had has validated my decision to come here: the relationships I've built with our amazing students, the support of my wonderful colleagues, and the opportunity to shred a guitar solo for this year's graduation video. Brown truly is a special place, and I'm excited to see what new adventures the future holds.”

    Daniel has been a member of the Brown CS faculty since 2017, and he co-leads the Brown Visual Computing group. Daniel’s research sits at the intersection of computer graphics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning: he builds intelligent machines that understand the visual world and help people be visually creative. Much of his group's current work focuses on analyzing, synthesizing, and manipulating 3D scenes and the 3D objects that comprise them.

    Daniel’s research into learning neurosymbolic 3D models earned him an NSF CAREER Award in 2020. This fall, he’ll be teaching CSCI 1230 Introduction to Computer Graphics, and his other recent courses include CSCI 1470/2470 Deep Learning and CSCI 2240 Interactive Computer Graphics. Last semester, Daniel was the lead organizer of a program for college students from HUGs in CS that exposed them to socially-responsible ways that AI can be used to realize creative visions. He also delivered invited talks at the 2021 Geometry and Vision Seminar and the 2020 International Conference on Probabilistic Programming, served as a Technical Papers Program Committee Member for SIGGRAPH in 2021, and is currently serving as Associate Editor of Computer Graphics Forum. 

    Daniel joins nine other holders of Brown CS endowed professorships: Eugene Charniak (University Professor of Computer Science), Maurice Herlihy (An Wang Professor of Computer Science), Sorin Istrail (Julie Nguyen Brown Professor of Computational and Mathematical Sciences and Professor of Computer Science), George Konidaris (John E. Savage Assistant Professorship in Computer Science), Michael Littman (Royce Family Professor of Teaching Excellence in Computer Science), Ellie Pavlick (Manning Assistant Professor of Computer Science) Roberto Tamassia (Plastech Professor of Computer Science), Eliezer Upfal (Rush Hawkins Professor of Computer Science), and Andries van Dam (Thomas J. Watson, Junior University Professor of Technology and Education and Professor of Computer Science).

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