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Brown CS Alum Feng-Hao Liu Wins An NSF CAREER Award


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    Brown CS alum Feng-Hao Liu, now assistant professor at the College of Engineering and Computer Science at Florida Atlantic University, has just received an NSF CAREER Award, titled “CAREER: Towards Efficient Cryptography for Next Generation Applications”. The topic of his research, he explains, is homomorphic computation, physical attacks, lattices, and post-quantum cryptography. "I would like to develop more analytical techniques and mathematical tools," he tells us, "to improve efficiency of the current states of the arts, hopefully making some of the constructions practical."

    Feng-Hao would like to acknowledge Brown CS as a wonderful place where he developed as a researcher. In a message to Professor Anna Lysyanskaya, his PhD thesis advisor, and Professor John Savage, Feng-Hao says, "I appreciate the time when I was studying at Brown. Thank both of you for creating such a great environment that makes doing science a cool thing!"  

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