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Pombrio, Krishnamurthi Win The PLDI Distinguished Artifact Award For Inferring Type Rules For Syntactic Sugar


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PhD alum Justin Pombrio and Professor Shriram Krishnamurthi of Brown University's Department of Computer Science (Brown CS) have received the PLDI 2018 Distinguished Artifact Award. PLDI (the ACM SIGPLAN Conference on Programming Language Design and Implementation) is a leading forum in the field of programming languages and programming systems research, and the award recognizes the artifact ("SweetT: Resugaring Type Systems") accompanying a paper ("Inferring Type Rules for Syntactic Sugar") that Justin presented at the conference.

Pombrio and Krishnamurthi explain that type systems and syntactic sugar are both valuable, but are sometimes at odds, causing problems for programmers. Their research addresses these problems by presenting a process for automatically reconstructing type rules for the surface language using the type rules of the core language.  

How does it work? SweetT takes as input:

  1. A grammar for a core language,
  2. A set of type rules for that core language, and
  3. A set of desugaring rules that target that core language,

and produces a set of type rules for the sugars.

This is the second award that Justin and Shriram have received for their collaborations: two years ago, their work with desugaring and resugaring ("Hygienic Resugaring of Compositional Desugaring") was selected as one of ACM SIGPLAN ICFP's best papers.

The artifact ("SweetT: Resugaring Type Systems") is available here and the paper ("Inferring Type Rules for Syntactic Sugar") is available here.

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