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Stan Zdonik And Co-Authors Win VLDB's 10-Year Best Paper Award

Professor Stan Zdonik of Brown University's Department of Computer Science and his co-authors have just won the Very Large Data Base Endowment (VLDB)'s 10-Year Best Paper Award for research ("C-Store: A Column-oriented DBMS") originally published in Proceedings of the VLDB in 2005.
VLDB is an organization that promotes scholarly work on databases and related fields throughout the world, and this award recognizes papers with lasting influence. It pays particular attention to the scope in which the ideas proposed have been put into practice in the years following.
Zdonik and his co-authors proposed a database management system ("C-Store") that stores data by column instead of by row, providing considerable speed advantages with large data sets.  Since publication of the paper, C-Store has been commercialized by Vertica (later acquired by Hewlett-Packard) and used by thousands of businesses worldwide, from Blue Cross Blue Shield and Verizon to Twitter and Zynga.