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RoxyBot Receives First Place Award in the International Trading Agent Competition

    After seven years of hard work perfecting the design of RoxyBot, Brown's entrant in the international Trading Agent Competition (TAC) Travel game, Assistant Professor Amy Greenwald, Ph.D. student Victor Naroditskiy, and undergraduate Seong Jae Lee were pleased to announce that RoxyBot snatched a first place victory from the jaws of Michigan's Walverine.

    TAC is an international forum designed to promote and encourage high quality research into the trading agent problem. In this competition, a simulated TAC Travel agent must organize itineraries for clients who wish to secure round-trip travel arangements, accomodations and entertainment tickets. The agent's objective is to procure those goods that best satisfy its clients' preferences as inexpensively as possible, by trading in ascending call markets, continuous double auctions, and dynamic posted-pricing environments, simultaneously.

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