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Andy van Dam Receives Teaching Award

Andy van Dam is among the three recipients of the 2001 Harriet W. Sheridan Award for Distinguished Contribution to Teaching and Learning. The others to receive the award are Sheila Bonde, of the History of Art and Architecture Department, and James McIlwaine, of Biomed Neuroscience.

An article in the most recent George Street Journal stresses the accomplishments of the awardees in helping students and other faculty improve their teaching methods, in integrating teaching and research, and in developing `reflective teaching practices' -- meaning that teachers reflect on why they do what they do in the classroom and are able to discuss their methodologies.

The article continues,

```Reflective teaching focuses on the entire teaching process,' van Dam stressed. Good undergraduate teaching is so much more than classroom performance, he said. It also includes strong interaction, much one-on-one work and the willingness to keep changing what and how one teaches. In promoting good undergraduate teaching, something van Dam thinks Brown values more than many other schools, van Dam has worked extensively with undergraduates as teaching and research assistants in his department. Involving them early in his 37-year career at Brown is what van Dam is most proud of, he said.''

The awards will be presented by Dean of the Faculty Mary Fennell at the annual Sheridan Center Awards Reception on May 2. Congratulations, Andy!