2016 Symposium

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  1. Making the case for Query-by-Voice with EchoQuery - Vihn Tran

  2. Incrementally Identifying Objects from Referring Expressions using Spatial Object Models - Gaurav Manek

  3. (WINNER) Social Feedback for Robotics - Emily Wu

  4. Similar-Part Approximation using Invariant Feature Descriptors - Sarah Sachs

  5. Deep Recurrent and Convolutional Neural Network for Automated Behavior Classification - Zach Nado

  6. (WINNER) Algorithms for Large-Scale Prescriptive Evacuations - Julia Romanski

  7. Creation of typical macro malware through devising sample code three different types of macro malware-  Jessica Fu

  8. SMS-Based Commodity and Transport Exchange - Wilson Cusack

  9. GESPA: classifying nsSNPs to predict genetic disease.- Jay Khurana

  10. Envy Free Pricing for the Trading Agent Competition - Luke Camery

  11. Extending Open vSwitch to Facilitate Creation of Stateful SDN Applications - Adam Hoff

  12. Learning Music in VR - Sam Kortchmar

  13. 3D Object Modeling from 2D Perspectives and Grasping Applications- Angela Chang

  14. rewind - April Tran

  15. (WINNER) LumberTracts: A Method for Time Efficient Determination of Identical by Descent Tracts Between Unphased Genotypes. - Daniel Seidman

  16. Drafty - Smarter Crowd Editing of Structured Data - Marianne Aubin Le Quere and Lucy Van Kleunen

  17. Towards Meaningful Human­Robot Collaboration on Object Placement - Advik Iyer Guha