Graduate Student Group Events

Here is a consolidated list of events that will take place every week during the 2007-2008 academic year.

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Computational Modeling Reading Group (CMRG)

Description: This group meets biweekly to discuss recent cognitive science papers that use computational methods. Topics include language, vision, and higher-level cognition.
Meeting times: TBA
Location: Metcalf 125
Mailing list:
Contact: Phil Fernbach (
Naomi Feldman (
Updated: Fall 2007

Crypto Reading Group

Description: Weekly presentations (no powerpoint) of cryptography papers.
Meeting times: Wednesdays 4pm - 6pm
Location: CIT 506
Mailing list:
Contact: Alptekin Kupcu (alp)
Updated: 01/29/2008

Machine Learning Reading Group (MLRG)

Description: The group reads and discusses papers on machine learning and its applications. Students also discuss their ongoing or completed research and ask for help or feedback. This is an interdisciplinary group with members from CS, applied math, cognitive/linguistic sciences, neurology and computational biology.
Meeting times: Wednesdays at noon (12pm - 1pm)
Location: CIT 3rd floor atrium
Mailing list:
Contact: David McClosky (dmcc)
Updated: 01/29/2008

Robotics Group (RLAB)

Description: The Brown Robotics Group strives to realize robots and autonomous systems that are effective collaborators for pursuing human endeavors. Towards this end, we explore problems in human-robot interaction, robot learning, robot perception, autonomous control, dexterous manipulation, and game development.
Meeting times: Tuesdays at noon (12pm - 1pm)
Location: CIT Library - 4th floor
Mailing list:
Contact: Aggeliki Tsoli (aggeliki)
Updated: 01/29/2008

Scientific Visualization Group

Description: Weekly seminar meetings.
Meeting times: Tuesdays at noon (12 - 1pm)
Location: CIT 345
Mailing list:
Contact: Cagatay Demiralp (cad)
Updated: Fall 2007

Systems / Computational Biology Reading Group

Description: Weekly interdisciplinary reading group with students and faculty.
Meeting times: TBA - It only met over the summer of 2007, but it might start up again the following summer/year.
Location: TBA
Mailing list:  
Contact: Anna Ritz (
Updated: Summer 2007

Systems Reading Group

Description: Weekly meetings with talks from outside guests and Brown CS grad students
Meeting times: Fridays 12:00pm
Location: CIT 368
Mailing list:
Contact: Andrew Ferguson (adf)
Marcelo Martins (martins)
Rodrigo Fonseca (rfonseca)
Updated: Fall 2013

Theory Lunch

Description: Weekly, informal talk in some area of theoretical computer science, including algorithms, cryptography, complexity, optimization, and theory of computation. Talks are given by students, faculty, or outside visitors. Lunch is also provided.
Meeting times: Tuesdays 11:30am
Location: 3rd floor atrium, CIT
Mailing list:
Contact: Shay Mozes (shay)
Updated: Fall 2008