A/V Options for Teaching Online in CS

These are options and recommendations for CS Faculty for teaching online.  Please also refer to the University's Teaching Continuity Guide.

Zoom Rooms

There are eight (8) zoom rooms in the CIT.  Zoom rooms offer superior audio and video as well as large displays and whiteboards.  Some are configured as classrooms, some are conference rooms, some have projectors, some have large displays.

Any Zoom room can be used to live stream a lecture or help session.  All zoom sessions can be recorded, but two rooms are configured for lecture/capture, and have the added capability to record two video streams (e.g. camera and slides) and automatically upload to Panopto.

These are our zoom rooms:

CIT 101   Conference Display just one camera
CIT 102   Conference Projector  
CIT 241 Swig Classroom Projector lecture/capture
CIT 316   Conference Projector  
CIT 368   Classroom Projector lecture/capture
CIT 410 Library Conference Display  
CIT 477 Lubrano Classroom/Conference Projector/Display  
CIT 506   Conference Projector  


In addition to providing Brown's cloud-hosted video-on-demand service, Panopto also provides a personal recording application that you can download and use to record a lecture.  You can also live stream while recording, but note that there is a considerable delay which makes Panopto inferior to Zoom for interacting with your students.

Teaching from Home

To teach from home, you may wish to invest in a higher-quality camera and microphone than your laptop offers.  After consulting with media services we can offer the following suggestions: