Compute Grid

the dblades

The department maintains a computing cluster (or "grid") for use by our faculty, staff, and students. Jobs are submitted to our grid using the Grid Engine batch queuing system. We provide a gridengine quick-start guide.


There is an active group of researchers within the department working on computationally intensive research. The department continually tries to meet the needs of all researchers, by periodically adding new dedicated compute hardware. We encourage anyone involved in research requiring high performance computing to join the compute mailing list. Doing so will help you stay abreast of the latest compute-related changes within the department, and allow you to collaborate and exchange ideas with other grid users.

Policy and Appropriate Use

The compute grid is a general department resource and is available to all members of the CS community. Grid users should only run jobs associated with legitimate research or educational activities. The grid is a specialized tool, and should not be used to simply off-load normal desktop computing activities.

If you are unsure if a proposed use of the grid is appropriate, send mail to and tstaff will render an opinion.

Matlab & Licenses

The University has a finite number of Matlab licenses, and there is considerable contention for them across campus. Grid jobs can soak up many licenses at once. If you are using matlab, please consider strategies for coping with matlab licenses.

CCV Cluster Resources

The Center for Computation & Visualization has a large linux computing cluster which they make available to researchers across campus.