Maxbuilt PCs

Maxbuilt PCs are custom designed Intel-compatible computers made with top-shelf components and built and tested right here in the CS Department by our own Paul Vars.



We choose the best components with an eye to both Linux and Windows compatibility. We ride the price-performance curve, picking technologies that occupy that sweet spot to get the most bang for our buck.


We order from low-price online merchants, using, and similar sites to find reliable vendors. We easily beat the prices from major OEMs like Compaq and Dell for comparable systems.


Paul puts the machine together - it takes him barely half an hour.

Installing the Software

Other tstaffers do the OS install, putting Linux, Windows or some combination, depending on who it's for and where it's going. OS installations are largely automated, as we eye a future with more and more of these powerful, inexpensive machines.


PC components tend to be either A-OK or DOA. They are also cheap enough for us to keep a stock of replacement parts, which Max administers as needed.