Research Resources

There are a number of resources available to department researchers beyond the base-level services provided to the community as a whole.

Acquiring Hardware

If you acquire a supported computer system, the technical staff will, at your request, configure, install and maintain it for you.

If you acquire a system that we do not support, the tstaff will connect it to the "unsupported" network unless you qualify for a trusted connection.

Acquiring Software

The technical staff can help with acquiring software for research purposes.

/Research Project Space

Most of the department's research takes place online in the /research file hierarchy. The technical staff recommends creating a separate, top-level research project for each research project. However, some groups prefer to manage their own space, and a few research group hierarchies exist (e.g. /research/graphics).

To request a research project send mail to problem.

Anyone (faculty, staff and students) with a legitimate research or department-relevant development project is entitled to space for it in /research.

Compute Services

The compute cluster is a general resource for researchers and students with coarsely-parallel, compute-intensive jobs to run.

Disseminating Results

The Computer Science Department has a long history of freely distributing research software. An anonymous ftp archive and web server are available to make it easy for people to find your software and other research results. Techreports are published electronically both via ftp and the web.

Researchers may, of course, use their personal web pages to promote their work, or request from the webmaster a separate web page.

Collaborating With Colleagues

In addition to email and the web, department researchers may use the anonymous ftp archive to transfer files to and from their colleagues.

A variety of remote services are available to communicate data, audio and video to remote sites. The department also has a considerable investment in video teleconferencing hardware which is available on a limited basis. Contact the technical staff for more information.

Special Requests

The technical staff is always willing to consider the special needs of researchers. We try to accommodate all legitimate requests for software, hardware, services, resources (disk space, cpu cycles, isolated networks, etc), and the use of our time or expertise, or suggest reasonable alternatives. We have helped set up special machines, contributed to grant proposals, assisted with conferences and presentations, and consulted on legal issues. We are here to help.