Sometimes, things break. When they do, it's nice to have someone to call.

Tstaff maintains a problem resolution system. Each day, a member of the technical staff responds to all system problems. That person is responsible for resolving each problem, or forwarding it to someone who can.

To contact the designated problem person, send email to

Submitting a Problem Ticket

When sending an email to problem, please include the following information. This will greatly aid us in fixing your problem quickly and completely. (There is also a "problem line" - 401-863-7629. This should only be used in an emergency - the call will go to the problem voice mail box and then send a transcribed email to the problem queue).

Software Problems

Some software is supported by tstaff, and some isn't. See software support page for an explanation of which software is and isn't supported.

Supported Software

Users with software problems should first try to resolve their problems with the man pages provided with the operating system or specific software package, or with the hardcopy documentation.

If the problem cannot be resolved by this approach, send mail to problem. A tstaff person will either answer and deal with the problem or forward it to the appropriate people for resolution.

Unsupported Software

For help with unsupported software (see section Unsupported Software) ask the owner of the program.

Hardware Problems

Some hardware is supported by tstaff, and some isn't. The few remaining Suns, all tstaff-built PCs (MaxBuilt) running Windows or Linux, all networking (see the "self-managed" network), and the printers (see printers) are supported by tstaff.

Supported Hardware

If the problem is a hardware problem (ie. frozen workstation, jammed printer, etc.) send mail to Users are not to attempt hardware repairs themselves.

Unsupported Hardware

For help with unsupported hardware, contact the machine's administrator.