Getting Software

This page describes how you can go about getting software that is not currently available on the department's systems. If you are unsure of exactly what software you need, or what software to choose, or some other situation not described here, please contact the technical staff.

Commercial Software

Who Pays For It?

If the software is for personal use, then personal funds should be used. Software intended for research supported by grants & contracts should use funds from those sources.

If the software is intended for a wider audience, then a request for department funds should be made. Typically, the request will be presented to the department's FACIL committee (a faculty subcommittee concerned with facilities issues) for a final decision.

Who Handles the Paperwork?

Even if the software is intended for personal use, it is best to ask the technical staff to make the purchase. If you do it on your own, let the tstaff know what you are doing, especially if you plan to install the software in a public place. Licensing and maintenance are the responsibility of the person purchasing the software.

You can direct all commercial software requests to the email alias. The requests will find their way to the appropriate person.

Installing It

In most cases you may choose to install the software yourself (possibly as a /contrib project), or you may ask tstaff to do it.

Microsoft Software

For access to Microsoft products, see this OIT Service Center page.  Also see OIT's MyApps service.

Free Software

You may download and install free software for your own personal use, or for the use of the department community (see /contrib projects). In fact, we encourage you to do so.

Tstaff won't generally get involved in downloading and installing free software unless we decide to support it.