Windows SSH Setup Instructions

1. Remote Log In

1.1. On Your Personal Machine, Create a Key

1.2. Setup on Sunlab Computer

    /contrib/bin/ssh-key-setup ~/Downloads/

1.3. Set up PuTTY

On your personal computer:

1.4. Using PuTTY

There are really only two big steps in using putty to log into CS Department machines. The first is key generation, and the second is setting up the Putty environment to use the correct keys and settings. All applications mentioned can be downloaded from Putty's site at:

NOTE: This information is intended for use with the CS department machines only. The desired format of the ssh keys may be different on other systems. Also, this help is meant to be brief, so if you find you need more information with very explicit step-by-step instructions and pictures, see the following:

2. X Forwarding with FastX

To run programs with GUIs written according to the X display protocol, you need an X server.​  The department supports the use of FastX.  Follow the guide here.

3. File Transfer using WinSCP

3.1. Setting Up WinSCP

3.2. Using WinSCP