1. Remote Log In

1.1. Generating a keypair

1.2. Setting up a PuTTY session

1.3. Setting up Pageant (optional)

This will cache your private key and key passphrase so that you don't have to enter your passphrase every time you ssh. Note that while this is optional for normal ssh, it's required for FastX.

2. X Forwarding

To run programs with GUIs written according to the X display protocol, you either need to use FastX or install an X server.​ For the latter, we recommend the Windows X server known as MobaXTerm.

2.1. Setting Up FastX

The FastX Guide is available here

2.2. Setting Up MobaXterm

3. File Transfer using WinSCP

3.1. Setting Up WinSCP

3.2. Using WinSCP