With one exception, CS systems authenticate against the University's Active Directory, which means that your username and passsword are the same as for Banner, wifi, Workday, etc. If you need to reset your University password, go to

The exception is our postgres database cluster. The database uses a separate authentication system, which takes the same username but a different password, the "LDAP password". If you need your LDAP password set in order to access the database, email

Here are three methods (stolen from a Yale web page) for creating passwords that are hard to guess yet easy to remember:

1. Randomly pick alternating vowels and consonants. Throw in a digit or two (or change a letter or two to a digit) and punctuate. Mix up the case (randomly capitalize for best effect). This will create passwords that have no meaning in the real world but which can still be sounded out (e.g., Me1&BopA).

2. Combine three and four character words with a punctuation character or digit between them, modify the case of some of the letter and change some of the others to digits or punctuation -- or add digits/punctuation to the beginning or end of the password (e.g. '0Yum|fUn').

3. Randomly pick a book, poem or song. Select a phrase from the work and use the first character of each word in the phrase as your password. Capitalize some of the letters and add in at least one punctuation character and digit (or change some of the existing letters to punctuation and/or digits). For example, the phrase 'Four score and seven years ago our forefathers...' might become '4s&7YaOf'.