Accounts are created for:

All accounts must have a faculty sponsor, either directly or through registration for a course. Requests for accounts for graduate students are made by a graduate student representative at the start of the academic year. Requests for undergraduate accounts are made by a faculty member or by TAs at the beginning of each semester.

If you are working in the Sunlab, see the page on Identities, Quotas, and Limited Shell for more information on the space available for projects you work on there.

To set up an account, send an email to


Since all accounts expire when the owner's association with the department ends, each account will have an expiration date associated with it. A review of all accounts is done at the beginning and end of each semester. Idle accounts, accounts with anĀ  expiration date that has arrived, or accounts not associated with a course will be slated for removal.

All accounts on the list will not automatically be removed - the expiration date is just an administrative guide and can be easily extended at faculty request. A list of accounts to be removed is emailed to (all cs accounts get a copy) and individual mail is sent to each person on the list informing them of the upcoming removal of their account. Between posting the list and removing the accounts, a month or so is given to be sure that everyone has had the opportunity to respond, if necessary.

If you have a problem with the expiration of an account, send an email to