Sunlab Policies

Note: these policies apply to the MSLab as well as the Sunlab. These policies are meant to serve as a guide. In general, any person not observing standards of proper decorum may be asked to leave.

Food Policy

Absolutely no food or drink is permitted in the labs, except on the back table of the Sunlab. The Sunlab consultants will rigorously enforce this policy. Violators of the food policy will receive a login delay for one week. The length of the login delay increases exponentially with each repeat violation.

Printing Policy

The printer in the back row of the Sunlab is called bw1. When printing to bw1, the following rules apply:

Any printout that does not meet these requirements should be printed to a CIS printer. This policy will be enforced by the Sunlab consultants. Violations will be logged and repeat violators will lose printing access.

Noise Policy

Users of the Sunlab are expected to be courteous of those around them. Noise should be kept to a reasonable level, and ringing cell phones are not permitted. The consultant will ask users to quiet down if the noise becomes excessive.

Locking Policy

Please only lock your screen if you intend to return to your node. Extended locking is not permitted in rows 9 and 10 (the consultant will log off users who have been locked for more than 30 minutes). All users will be logged off at the end of the day.