IPP Symposium


Putting Big Data to Work

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hosted by Tim Kraska & Ugur Cetintemel

Live-stream is available here

This symposium will explore recent developments in Big Data management and bring together domain experts and scholars from industry and academia to discuss their data challenges and solutions.



8:45  Breakfast, Registration & Welcoming Remarks
3rd Floor, CIT Building

9:00  MLbase: A Distributed Machine-learning System
Tim Kraska, Brown CS Department Professor

9:30  Big Data on Big Machines:Challenges and Opportunities
Nadathur Satish, Intel Labs

10:00  Key Usage Patterns for Apache Hadoop in the Enterprise
Amr Awadallah, Cloudera

10:30 Break

10:40  Identifying Significant Mutations in Large Cohorts of Cancer Genomes
Fabio Vandin, Brown CS Research Faculty

11:00  Jockey: Guaranteed Job Latency in Data Parallel Clusters
Andrew Ferguson, Brown CS Department, PhD Student

11:20  Statistical Learning Theory meets Knowledge Discovery: Randomized Algorithms for Big Data Analytics
Matteo Riondato, Brown CS Department, PhD Student

11:40  Scaline Nonparametric Learning with Online Variational Inference
Mike Hughes & Dae Il Kim, Brown CS Department, PhD Students

12:00  Lunch
3rd Floor, CIT Building

1:30  Analytics, Cloud computing and Crowdsourcing: How to destroy my job
Piero P. Bonissone, GE Global Research

2:00  Big Queries, not (only) Big Data
Daniela Florescu, Oracle

2:30  Graph Analysis and Visualization for Brain Function Characterization Using EEG Data
Ionnis Tollis, ICS-Forth

3:00 Break

3:10  Just because we have big data doesn't mean we have the right data
Casey Dunn, Brown University Professor, Evolutionary Biology

3:30  Harnessing the Data Tsunami at the Large Hadron Collider
Meenakshi Narain, Brown University Professor, Physics

3:50  Evidence-Based Medicine, the Clinical Data Deluge, and Machine Learning
Thomas Trikalinos, Brown University Professor, Health Services, Policy & Practice

4:10 Break

4:20  Ome sweet ome: the genome as a model for big data
Derek Aguiar, Brown CS Department, PhD Student

4:40  Cache Rules Everything Around Me
Andy Pavlo, Brown CS Department, PhD Student

5:00  Panel Discussion & Cocktail Reception