IPP Symposium


Visual Computing

April 28, 2011

This symposium will explore recent developments in computer vision, graphics, and imaging. It will bring together experts in industry and academia to discuss how data-driven visual learning is improving recognition and scene understanding, and how this helps us synthesize and interact with visual media.

Please RSVP by April 21 to abt@cs.brown.edu


8:30  Breakfast and Registration
3rd Floor, CIT Building

9:00  Welcome

9:10  The Loop: People and Computer Vision
Andy Gallagher, Kodak Research

9:50  Large Scale Learning of Face Manifolds  (slides)
Sanjiv Kumar, Google

10:30 Break

10:50  Photographing events over time  (slides)
Bill Freeman, MIT

11:30  LabelMe: online image annotation and applications  (slides)
Bryan Russell, University of Washington

12:10  Lunch
3rd Floor, CIT Building

1:30  RGB-D Perception: Depth Camera Usages beyond Gesture and Gaming
Xiaofeng Ren, Intel Research

2:10  Perception for Robotics
Caroline Pantofaru, Willow Garage

2:50 Break

3:10  Learning to Adjust Photographs  (slides)
Sylvain Paris, Adobe

3:50  Helping each other to see: Humans and machines
Larry Zitnick, Microsoft

4:30 Discussion

5:00  Reception