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A Historic Expansion Adds Five Brown CS Faculty Members

    Click the link that follows for more news about our historic CS With Impact expansion.

    CS With Impact, the largest expansion in Brown CS history, has added five new faculty members this spring. Click any of the links below for a full interview with each faculty member. 

    Yu Cheng, joining Brown CS as Assistant Professor, formerly taught at the University of Illinois at Chicago and earned his PhD from the University of Southern California. His main research interests include machine learning, optimization, and game theory, and his recent work focuses on the design and analysis of scalable and provably robust algorithms for machine learning, especially in the area of high-dimensional robust statistics, non-convex optimization, and learning in the presence of strategic behavior.

    Ellis Hershkowitz, joining Brown CS as Assistant Professor in 2023 after completing a postdoctorate at ETH Zürich, was recently a visiting researcher at ETH Zürich’s Institute of Theoretical Computer Science and earned his PhD from Carnegie Mellon University. He's broadly interested in theoretical computer science but especially keen on graph-theoretic questions in approximation algorithms, online algorithms, distributed algorithms and metric embeddings. Lately, he's been spending a lot of time thinking about how to compactly represent various properties of graphs.

    Nick DeMarinis, joining Brown CS as Lecturer, formerly taught at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and earned his PhD from Brown University. His research focuses on improving system security with code and API debloating, and he previously focused on studying security in LTE networks. His other research interests include embedded systems security, network security, computer architecture, and systems programming education.

    Peihan Miao, joining Brown CS as Assistant Professor, was formerly an Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois Chicago and earned her PhD from the University of California, Berkeley. Her research interests lie broadly in cryptography, security, and theoretical computer science, with a focus on secure multi-party computation from both theoretical and applied perspectives, aiming to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

    Nikos Vasilakis, joining Brown CS as Assistant Professor, was formerly a Research Scientist at MIT CSAIL and earned his PhD from University of Pennsylvania. His research encompasses systems, programming languages, and security – focusing on automatically enhancing software systems with new capabilities. This enhancement forms a transition path towards secure distributed environments targeting multiple scales.

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