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Seny Kamara Delivers "Crypto For The People (Part 2)" At USENIX Enigma '22

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Brown CS Professor Seny Kamara's keynote for CRYPTO 2020, "Crypto for the People", which took a critical look at who benefits from cryptography as it currently stands and explores how it can be used to fight oppression and violence, has already received more than 11,000 views. Seny describes it as an atypical keynote that was shaped by his experience of being Black, an immigrant, an applied cryptographer, and in particular, an outsider: one of perhaps only two or three Black cryptographers in the world. 

Last month, he followed it up with an invited talk ("Crypto for the People (Part 2)") at the USENIX Enigma '22 conference. 

"Recent advances in modern cryptography promise to revolutionize finance, cloud computing, and data analytics," Seny says, "but cryptography does not affect everyone in the same way. In this talk, I discuss how cryptography benefits some and not others and how cryptography research supports the powerful but not the disenfranchised."

A recording of Seny's talk is available here.

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