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Kraska, Binnig, Cetintemel, And Upfal Contribute To Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub

    Brown University's Department of Computer Science is happy to announce that Assistant Professor Tim Kraska, Adjunct Associate Professor Carsten Binnig, Professor and Department Chair Ugur Cetintemel, and Professor Eli Upfal will contribute to the large-scale collaborative effort known as the Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub. Tim will serve on the organization's Advisory Group (Academic) and Carsten, Ugur, and Eli will serve as members of the Data Sharing Connector. 

    Funded by the National Science Foundation, the Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub will facilitate wide-ranging networking by bringing together a wide spectrum of individuals through workshops, visiting research positions, student ambassadors, virtual meetings, research projects, and an online web presence. Its goal is to address the challenges of big data by encouraging sharing of data, tools, infrastructure, techniques, and knowledge. Its spokes, or areas of initial focus, are Health, Energy, Finance, Cities/Regions, Discovery Science, and Data Science in Education. Data Sharing, Privacy & Security, Ethics & Policy, and Education will serve as connectors between spokes.

    For more information, please click the link that follows to e-mail Jesse C. Polhemus