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Sharp Labs Provides Grant to Andy van Dam and his Research Team

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    Sharp Laboratories of America has recently provided a grant and a just released commercial product, a 60 inch touch LCD display, to Andy van Dam and his research team to foster a collaboration in research on touch-enabled user interfaces. Brown’s LADS application (Large Artwork Displayed on the Surface) designed to showcase such large format artworks as the enormous Garibaldi Panorama ran without any changes on this Windows 7 supported device. Work is underway to prototype a small-team collaboration scenario to take advantage of the Sharp interactive whiteboard. The scenario uses WorkTop, another application being developed in the group that focuses on the organization of knowledge work and provides an integrated environment for annotating and linking a variety of document types such as text, images, and video with fine-grained, bi-directional hyperlinks. The current version of WorkTop is being enhanced with touch-based gestures, digital ink and character recognition to allow input and manipulation by touch and marker at the white board.