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Pascal Van Hentenryck Receives Philip J. Bray Award for Teaching Excellence in the Physical Sciences

    Pascal Van Hentenryck received the Philip J. Bray Award for Teaching Excellence in the Physical Sciences. In addition to the recognition of his achievements, Pascal will receive a professional development fund of $2,000 for each of two years.

    The award was presented at the 2010 University Awards Ceremony, co-sponsored by the Dean of the Faculty, the Dean of the Graduate School, the Harriet W. Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning, and Computing & Information Services, Brown University. In announcing the award, Rajiv Vohra, Dean of the Faculty, noted Pascal’s “profound and sustained impact on undergraduate education in computer science at Brown.”

    Pascal said “This award is a credit to the department and how it nurtures young faculty members in undergraduate education. I was very fortunate to benefit from role models like Andy, Philip, Leslie Kaelbling, and Dave Sklar. And, of course, we all greatly benefit from teaching highly motivated and gifted undergraduates who are constantly challenging us. It is amazing how much influence they have on the classes.”

    The Faculty Teaching Excellence Awards recognize Brown faculty members for sustained and continued excellence in undergraduate teaching. Awards are made in each of the four major areas of the curriculum: humanities, life, physical and social sciences. The awards are named for past faculty members recognized for their teaching achievements: John Rowe Workman (Humanities), Elizabeth LeDuc (Life Sciences), Philip J. Bray (Physical Sciences), and William G. McLoughlin (Social Sciences).

    The following members of the department were also recognized for their teaching contributions at the Awards Ceremony: Associate Professor (Research) and Vice Chair Tom Doeppner (Sheridan Faculty Liaison) and Ph.D. students Nathan Backman (Sheridan Teaching Certificate I), Yuri Malitsky (Sheridan Teaching Certificate I) Deqing Sun (Sheridan Teaching Certificate I) and Justin Yip (Sheridan Graduate Student Liaison).