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Together with her coauthors J. Csirik, D. S. Johnson, J.B. Orlin, P.W. Shor, and R.R. Weber, Claire Mathieu received the 2007 ICS Prize given by the INFORMS Computing Society to papers at the interface between Operations Research and Computer Science. The prize was given for their paper " On the Sum-of-Squares Algorithm for Bin Packing."

In 2002, Pascal Van Hentenryck received the award for his many contributions to the field of Constraint Programming and its integration into Operations Research.

The ICS Prize is an annual award that promotes the development of high-quality work advancing the state of the art in operations research/computer science interface, publicizes and rewards the contributions of those authors/researchers who have advanced the state of the art, and increases the visibility of excellent work in the field. INFORMS is the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences; its Computing Society has awarded this prize since 1986.