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ACM SIGGRAPH ARTS Features Ph.D. Candidate Dan Keefe

    Ph.D. candidate Dan Keefe’s work is featured on the ACM SIGGRAPH ARTS website as part of the Established Artist Introduces Emerging Artist (EA2) series. The article highlights Dan’s work with CavePainting, an artistic medium that uses a 3D analog of 2D brush strokes to create 3D works of art in an immersive virtual reality environment. Dan’s research with Brown’s Center for Advanced Scientific Computation and Visualization focuses on developing software to enable freehand drawing within the environment of the Cave - an eight-foot cubicle in which high-resolution stereo graphics are projected onto three walls and the floor to create an immersive virtual reality experience.

    SIGGRAPH ARTS is an organization representing the digital arts community and is part of the ACM SIGGRAPH community.

    The ACM SIGGRAPH ARTS article can be viewed at:

    More information about Dan can be found on his website: