Brown CS News

Happy 25th Anniversary, CS!

    On September 18, 2003, John Crawford ’75 of Intel will kick off the Computer Science Department’s gala celebration of its 25th anniversary with his talk, “20 Years of Growth in Microprocessor Performance: A Look Back and a Glimpse Ahead”. John, one of the first concentrators in CS at Brown (back when it was merely a Program, not a Department), has achieved great prominence at Intel through his work on microprocessor architecture and is now an Intel Fellow and Director of its Itanium Architecture group. His bio may be found at, and the abstract of his Brown talk is at A reception will follow; please join us!

    Crawford’s talk is the first in our 25th-Anniversary Distinguished Lecture Series featuring graduates of Brown CS. Others in the series are:

    November 20, 2003: David Salesin ’93 (University of Washington and Microsoft Research): “Next Frontier in Graphics: Unleashing the Computer’s Potential for Communication”

    March 4, 2004: John Guttag ’71 (MIT): “Sensor-Based Medical Decision Systems”

    April 22, 2004: Robert Schapire ’86 (Princeton): “Modern Approaches to Machine Learning”

    Our 25th anniversary celebration will culminate in a day-long symposium on May 27, 2004, followed by a banquet. All CS grads are invited to all these events. More information will soon be available at