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Brown CS hit it pretty big in Monday's New York Times business section: three of the eight people quoted in the front-page article `Technology Climate is Gloomy, but Its Future Still Seems Bright' are Brown CSers.

Seema Ramchandani Sc.B. '02 got the best ink: she's both quoted -- saying, among other things, that Andy's CS15 changed her career direction from medicine to computational neuroscience -- and photographed, the latter most effectively: she's lounging in a green and leafy landscape looking cool, collected, and intent, laptop on her knees, frowning just a bit in concentration as she contemplates her CS/neuroscience future (or perhaps tries to read her computer screen).

Brown CS's second hit, Ed Lazowska, Applied Math '72 (a student of Andy's in DAM's Program in Computer Science, before the CS Department existed) and now a professor of computer science at the University of Washington, speaks with enthusiasm of computer science's increasing presence in other academic fields, not only biology but other more far-flung areas: `It's happening all over. Computer science is pervading all other discipines.'

The third CSer, as one might guess, was Andy van Dam, caught at last week's SIGGRAPH convention talking with characteristic vigor and intensity of computer science's progress and potential. Pointing out that today's standard desktop PC with a $200 graphics card can render images of cinematic quality achievable five years ago only by the highest-end professional workstations, he says `We're talking about revolutionary progress, better than Moore's Law. And we're still at the beginning.'

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