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Seven people from this department received PhD degrees at last month's graduation ceremonies. They are:

Michael Benjamin, `Interval Programming: A Multi-Objective Optimization Model for Motion Planning in Autonomous Vehicles' (advisor: Leslie Kaelbling). Mike is now a post-doctoral associate in the Department of Ocean Engineering at MIT.

Stina Bridgeman, `Techniques and Tools for Graph Drawing' (advisor: Roberto Tamassia). Stina is now an Assistant Professor at Colgate University.

Steven Dollins, `Modeling for the Plausible Emulation of Large Worlds' (advisor: John Hughes). Steve is now a software engineer at There, Inc. in Menlo Park.

Luis E. Ortiz, `Selecting Approximately Optimal Actions in Complex Structured Domains' (advisor: Leslie Kaelbling). Luis is now a postdoc at the Institute for Research in Cognitive Science (IRCS) at the University of Pennsylvania.

Gopal Pandurangan, `Stochastic Analyses of Dynamic Computer Processes' (advisor: Eli Upfal). Gopal will be an Assistant Professor at Purdue.

Leonid Peshkin, `Reinforcement Learning by Policy' (advisor: Leslie Kaelbling) Leonid currently has a postdoc at Harvard.

William D. Smart, `Making Reinforcement Learning Work on Real Robots' (advisor: Leslie Kaelbling). Bill is now an Assistant Professor at Washington University in St. Louis.